Paloma Faith takes style tips from fans.

The singer-songwriter was so enamoured with The Hair of one of her followers that she immediately dyed her hair the same colour, red with a blonde stripe.

She explained: ''My natural hair colour is dark brown but I dyed it black when I was 16. My new dye job, with the blonde streak was inspired by one of my fans. She's been coming to see my play since she was 15 and is now one of my style icons. She used to copy me and now I copy her.''

Paloma, 26, also used to wear a lot of hats but has cut down recently to show off her new hairstyle.

She told LOOK magazine: ''Growing up my mum told me that I looked good in hats so I got in to the habit of wearing them. I've toned it down recently and she misses them.

''I like milliners like Piers Atkinson and Victoria Grant - they do contemporary vintage.''