Paloma Faith refused to go on an ''awful diet'' to get her pre-pregnancy figure back.

The 36-year-old singer - who has a 13-month-old child with partner Leyman Lahcine - admitted she still hasn't lost all her baby weight but she's happy to take things slow and is trying to ignore the ''pressure'' to get her old figure back.

She admitted: ''I had three stone to lose after I had the baby, and I'm still losing it now.

''I've got two personal trainers, one of whom is Emma Willis'.

''I do feel a bit of pressure to get back into shape but I think one of the things people like about me is my realness.

''I could have gone on one of those awful diets that popstars sometimes do but I'm not willing to drink cider vinegar or whatever.

''I think there will be a lot of mums out there who will thank me for that because it makes them feel normal.''

And though her body has changed since giving birth, Paloma feels ''more positive'' about it than she used to.

She told You magazine: ''I feel more positive about my body than I used to. I met [actor] Jack Black today and asked him for a hug.

''He said, 'l'll give you a side hug.' I said, 'I want a full-body hug so you can feel my deflated, post-breastfeeding boobs against your chest!' He laughed and said, 'Amazing!'

''I like them though because they did something brilliant.''

The 'Stone Cold Sober' hitmaker is ''addicted'' to buying new clothes and doesn't have enough space in her house for them all.

She said: ''I'm addicted to clothes. I've had a proper walk-in wardrobe built in my new house. Despite getting rid of 20 bin bags of stuff before I moved, still only half my clothes will fit in it. I always dress up. You might catch me in a tracksuit but it would be a very well-put-together tracksuit.''