Paloma Faith's main ambition is to make money.

The 26-year-old singer-and-actress admits she doesn't have a preference as to which creative channel she prefers as she is focused on being able to buy a house to raise a large family in.

She said: ''If I had a 12 million-selling album and a bit part in 'Holby Blue', I'd say [I preferred] singing. But if I had the lead in the new David Lynch film and my album wasn't selling... I'm the same with football, I support whoever's winning...

''It really all boils down to the fact I want to buy a house. I'm a very maternal person so I just want to make enough money to make a next for my chicks.''

The 'New York' hitmaker admits part of her wishes she had had a lesbian experience, but doesn't think she could be with a woman because of her desire to have children.

Asked if she had had a lesbian experience, she told Britain's Glamour magazine: ''I want to say yes, but no I haven't. I don't want anyone to think that I'm not all-inclusive....

''But I want to reproduce, so for that reason I might not indulge in that side of things too much.''