Paloma Faith wants to get married.

The 'Changing' hitmaker - who divorced chef Rian Haynes in 2009 after a four year marriage - said she is ready to take the plunge once again, and would say yes if her artist boyfriend popped the question.

She confessed: ''I'm besotted. It almost feels too good. It's so perfect it's worrying me.''

On the subject of marriage she added: ''If he asked me I would do it. I'd marry him because I don't intend being with anyone else ever again. I've never been as emotionally supported in a relationship as I am in this one.''

And since she has settled down with her beau, she has decided to avoid smoking or taking drugs and instead gets her kicks out of heading into the kitchen to whip up some tasty treats.

She said: ''I don't smoke or drink too much or do drugs so I'm not going down that route but I do find that cooking makes me feel happy.''

The 33-year-old singer continued to say while she appreciates the critical and commercial acclaim she receives for her music, it is the complements paid to her by her pals which mean the most, especially when they are praising her culinary skills.

She told Event magazine: ''The other day I had people around and I made loads of tapas and they said it was 'restaurant quality' and I swear I've not lost the spring in my step since.''