Paloma Faith wants to have another baby.

The 36-year-old singer - who already has an 18-month-old child with boyfriend Leyman Lahcine - has revealed she would love to have another child, even though she knows parenthood can be a stressful experience.

She explained: ''You go through all that then think: 'I know, I'll have another one and make my life even worse'.

''We would like to have a second child. But at the same time I'm terrified - I barely manage to do it as it is, but you can't live your life being scared.''

Paloma revealed she is eager to give her baby a brother or a sister, having been raised as an only child herself.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, the 'Crybaby' hitmaker shared: ''I was raised an only child and while I never felt I missed out on anything in childhood, in adulthood I feel like I'm missing out not having a brother or a sister.

''And, for my own child, it would be nice for them to be a part of an extended, close family.''

The London-born star admitted that her first experience of parenthood left her feeling ''broken''.

But now, Paloma is more prepared for the stresses of raising a child.

She said: ''I feel I lost myself and got a bit broken but now I wouldn't change it for the world.

''I feel that I'd know what to expect next time and because of that it wouldn't hit me so hard.''

Earlier this month, Paloma claimed becoming a mother has allowed her to achieve more than ever.

The singer said she's become even better at her craft since she gave birth in December 2016.

She explained: ''There is a general feeling that motherhood makes less capable when actually it's the opposite. It makes us more capable.''