Paloma Faith was asked for selfies by fans whilst rushing to A&E.

The 'Never Tear Us Apart' hitmaker had to call an ambulance after her child stopped breathing for 30 seconds and admits she was left ''shell shocked'' when some eager fans tried to stop her for a picture.

Speaking to the We Are Women podcast, she said: ''Recently I went to A&E with my baby. It can happen quite often at the beginning because you constantly feel like this thing's going to die. And I do have people approach me. People want a selfie or a conversation. I'm actually a bit shell-shocked. My child stopped breathing for 30 seconds and I had to call an ambulance - passed out, lost consciousness and everything. I'm in A&E and someone was like, 'Oh, my God.' And that doesn't feel fair.''

Meanwhile, Paloma previously revealed she wants to have another baby.

She explained: ''You go through all that then think: 'I know, I'll have another one and make my life even worse'. We would like to have a second child. But at the same time I'm terrified - I barely manage to do it as it is, but you can't live your life being scared.

''I was raised an only child and while I never felt I missed out on anything in childhood, in adulthood I feel like I'm missing out not having a brother or a sister. And, for my own child, it would be nice for them to be a part of an extended, close family.''