Paloma Faith says her decision to raise her child gender neutral has as much to do with privacy as it does with identity.

The 36-year-old singer welcomed her first child with French beau Leyman Lahcine in December last year and she has not confirmed the baby's sex to her fans or the public.

Paloma is determined to keep her child's identity under wraps and insists it has as much to do with protecting the tot from her fame as it does to do with gender roles.

In an interview on UK TV show 'Lorraine' on Wednesday morning (13.12.17), she explained: ''I think people are getting confused between the privacy element and the gender neutrality. They might be shy and might not want people to know that I'm their mum so I'm not going to put that on them. So that's one thing and then the other thing is that I believe it's very important for me, for boys to learn about kindness and nurturing and dolls give boys that opportunity and then it's very important for girls to believe they can achieve anything, and be scientists, mathematicians, firefighters, whatever. The confusion is that I used a word that means different things to different people.''

Paloma is adamant she doesn't care what her child grows up to be as long as they are a happy person who is able to contribute something positive to society.

The 'Crybaby' hitmaker added: ''To be honest, I wouldn't mind if my child was gay, straight, transgender, even worked in HR as a heterosexual grey-suit wearing person, I'd love them anyway! I want my child to feel they can be loved whoever they are.''