Paloma Faith finds famous people ''intimidating''.

The 37-year-old singer has said she loves meeting new people whenever she goes to award shows, especially when they turn out to be nicer than she expects them to be, as she often finds her fellow stars to be intimidating.

Speaking on the red carpet at the BRIT Awards in London on Wednesday (20.02.19), she said: ''I love meeting people that I would otherwise never have the opportunity to meet and sometimes it means that you end up working together or you make friends with someone. I dunno, I love my perceptions to be challenged as well. When someone surprises me, and this is a big opportunity for that. Because everyone's really intimidating when they're famous, and I don't really have any famous friends so when I meet other famous person I'm always [nervous].''

And the 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This' hitmaker hopes she can chat to Pink during the BRITs ceremony, as she'd love to work with her in the future.

She added: ''I do [fangirl]. I will I think with Pink. I'm hoping tonight I might get to work with Pink. She's just going to be too busy, so she probably won't even get to meet me. [But we're on the] same label, so there's a chance.''

Paloma also offered advice to budding young artists, saying the key to success is ''resilience''.

She said: ''Resilience is the key to success in this industry. There's so many knock backs, and if you take them all too literally then you won't be successful. If you just sort of brush yourself off and carry on [you'll be okay].''