Power dressing gives Paloma Faith confidence.

The singer-songwriter and actress always makes an effort with her appearance especially if she has just gone through an emotional upheaval.

She said: ''Power dressing is a big thing for me. If I'm going into a confrontational situation, I'll make a real effort of if I've just split up with someone, I'll dress up to the nines.

''It gives me confidence, like I'm going in to battle. As a teenager, I was always trying to fit in and failed miserably. I wore what was considered trendy but it didn't suit me.''

Paloma loves to show off her midriff because it is toned from years of dancing and welcomes attention from men.

She told LOOK magazine: ''People always say my abs are amazing. I'm 26 and I trained as a dancer from the age of four and luckily I'm blessed with muscle memory so my midriff takes care of itself. I started wearing stockings when I worked at Agent Provocateur and I've never got out of the habit. I wear what I feel confident in and dress for myself rather than for a man.

''But I'm not saying I don't enjoy appreciation from men, it's nice to feel attractive.''