Paloma Faith doesn't believe in marriage.

The 27-year-old star - who is currently has a boyfriend - admits she is keen to start having children soon but believes that a permanent contract to signify a relationship is ''unrealistic''.

She said: ''There'll be no magazine wedding from me. I think it's unrealistic. I'd actually rather that somebody came home to me forever because they wanted to, not because they'd signed a piece of paper.

''I do want children - as soon as possible. In fact I call my new album 'Fall to Grace' my 'nesting' album. I do believe in all that stuff. I just don't believe in marriage or religion really. I just think it feels like a trap.''

Discussing her own career, the 'Picking Up the Pieces' singer admits she would never do anything she ''didn't believe in'' to boost her fame and tries to treat everyone with ''kindness''.

She told Marie Claire magazine: ''I just think I have to treat everyone with kindness. I'm very firm on what I believe in - my morals and stuff. I'd never do something I didn't believe in for my career.''