Rapper T-Pain trashed his beloved "pimped-out" golf cart after a high-speed prank went wrong backstage at a recent Lil Wayne concert.
The Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin') hitmaker was testing out his modified cart with a security man when he lost control of the vehicle and smashed up his foot and teeth.
He explains, "It (cart) was dying onstage; I used to drive it onstage on the Lil Wayne tour... and they (mechanics) said, 'We've fixed the motor and we've made it faster than it was before.'
"I wondered if it can make it up the steepest hill in this whole arena... We make it up fine, we come back down and of course I try to hit the brakes - 22-inch wheels, the brakes are not working... I panicked... hit the curb."
Both the rap star and his security guard were left injured - but the golf cart needed a heavy makeover.
He says, "His foot got hurt and mine was looking like a basketball and I lost four teeth. I got that fixed the same night."