Rapper T-Pain has locked himself in his tour bus until he recovers from a nasty bout of bronchitis.
The 5 O'Clock hitmaker told fans earlier this week (07May12) he had fallen ill with the condition, tweeting, "Apparently I got bronchitis out of f**king nowhere. This should be a great month. Can't wait to see what else hpns (happens)."
Now the hip-hop star reveals his doctors have urged him to remain in his tour bus for a few days until he feels better.
In a post on Twitter.com, he explains, "Gettin ready for a lengthy stay on the tour bus. Not gonna lie. Don't know how long I'm gonna last... (I'm) quarantined to the tour bus till the 17th. Get ready for a s**t load of 'I'm bored as f**k' pictures."
T-Pain went on to post photos of himself wearing a surgical mask over his mouth, as well as a snap of his bronchitis medication and a humidifier to help him breathe.