Virtua Striker 2002 preview

VIRTUA STRIKER 2002 On Gamecube

Get your cleats on because this soccer game is so realistic you'll have grass stains on your socks when you're done playing.

Virtua Striker(TM) 2002, the latest installment in the popular Virtua Striker arcade series, makes its console debut on the Nintendo GameCube(TM) this spring with some of the best moves around. Licensed by the National Soccer Team of Japan, this game takes the action of one of the most embraced arcade games of the century and brings it straight to your home. With 64 teams from different countries to choose from, this fast and furious-paced game recreates the sport of soccer like never before. In a mode exclusive to Nintendo GameCube, teams battle for the International Cup where only the best two teams from each league can make the final tournament. With full control over your team's roster, you can make substitutions from any of your 22 players on each team. So adjust your shin guards and pull up your socks because this is the best game for getting your kicks.

Key Features:

1. Choose teams from one of 64 countries

2. Nine modes of play designed to knock your cleats off, including , Edit, Training, International Cup, Tournament, League, Penalty Kick, Ranking, Goal Replay, and VS. Match.

3. Create strategic players with key skills using the Edit mode. This allows your team to put its best foot forward on the field, including deciding which team player takes the best free kicks.

4. Battle it out in the exciting Tournament mode among 4, 8, 16 or 32 participating countries playing in tournament style games.

5. In the International Cup mode, 8 leagues made up of 4 countries compete, with the strongest teams battling to be a worldwide soccer power.

6. In the league mode every goal counts! Games won, lost and tied have different points assigned to them, as between 4 and 40 countries battle it out for the top spot.

7. Well-placed shots determine the match in Penalty Kick mode - beating your opponent's goalie one-on-one is key to who wins and who loses.

8. Training mode allows you to sharpen your skills and show your dexterity, as you dribble, shoot and pass your way to victory.

VIRTUA STRIKER 2002 On Gamecube @
VIRTUA STRIKER 2002 On Gamecube @
VIRTUA STRIKER 2002 On Gamecube @
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