Unreal 2 The Awakening Reviewed on PC

Unreal 2 'The Awakening'
Unreal 2 'The Awakening' Reviewed on PC @ www.contactmusic.com
Unreal 2 'The Awakening' Reviewed on PC
Here we go. Rejected 'again' from the Space Marines you set off on a routine space patrol with your new partner Aida (whose cleavage would have Lara Croft heading to the plastic surgeon). As expected with Unreal your missions involve sending various nasties to meet their maker. The baddies get worse and worse but luckily there is a great resource of weapons to help you out of any tight corners.

Its not all firing wildly as there are plenty of puzzles to work out on your way and numerous characters to interact with. Graphics are stunning and extremely smooth and the sound track adds to the overall experience. As with all the best first person shoot-em ups Unreal has the ability to pull you into its world, making you jump when least expected.

It's a nice change to go back to a story based game instead of the online tournament style, the excitement may not be as fast and furious but the overall enjoyment factor is just as intense. The game includes a level designer but sadly no multiplayer option (you are going to have to buy Unreal Tournament 2003 for that see review Click Here. Overall the game is a winner but it may not have the lasting appeal of tournament but definitely one for all first person fans.

Unreal 2 'The Awakening' Reviewed on PC @ www.contactmusic.com
Unreal 2 'The Awakening' Reviewed on PC @ www.contactmusic.com

Dispersion Pistol

This is a bit of a pop gun, but it never runs out of ammo and can be very useful in picking off small annoying creatures such as baby spiders in hell.

Combat Assult Rifle

Fast automatic rifle with a 5 shot cluster alternate fire, these can be bounced off walls if you fancy hiding around corners

Grenade Launcher

Also known as the crowd pleaser. This weapon can hold a large arsenal of many different types of ammo such as Frag, Toxic, Incendiary, smoke, concussion and EMP grenades. Its extremely useful at clearing rooms.


This one's my favourite it uses standard 12 gauge ammo but also has a lethal incendiary alt fire.


Yep very useful at clearing close range enemies but watch out for them running at you once alight. Also the alt fire just spays unignited napalm around for you to light later…


An extremely powerful weapon great for targets that are too far away for the shotgun. The alt fire delivers 3 of these high powered rounds in one punch.

Rocket Launcher

This beastie fires 4 rockets bound together that deliver long range, accurate and extremely deadly punch. The alt fire unbinds the rockets but severely reduces accuracy hence the nick name drunken rockets.

Sniper Rifle

The widow maker helps keep those nasties at arms length.

Alien Weapons

Such as the Energy Rifle that you pick up on the first level. Check with Isaak on your ship to see how they work.

7.5 out of 10


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