The Hidden Cameras - Miracle Single Review

The Hidden Cameras
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The Hidden Cameras - Miracle (Out on 02/06/03)

What do you get if you mix The Delgados, The Polyphonic Spree with more than a hint of The Jerry Springer show hurled into the brew for good measure?

The answer is Canadian band The Hidden Cameras, fronted by the mercurial and talented front man Joel Gibb. 'Miracle' is a lyrically tame offering compared to other tracks on the "Smell Of Our Own" debut album that is currently out, where piss sex and homosexually explicit topics are explored with impunity.

The Hidden Cameras described their music "Gay, Church folk-music", with gay meaning happy and jovial of course. 'Miracle' is a good single for people to try out this maverick 14 plus member Canadian outfit, as it hides dark and sinister lyrics behind a canvass of colourful and heart warming music. The topic for this song is the sinister nature of love and relationships:

"He tells me that I'm the only one
that can carry his disease
I'm made to be an animal by his love
And to bear his baby"

To compare the Hidden Cameras directly to the Polyphonic Spree (or even to call them a gay version of the Spree) is too misunderstand the depth and guts of the band, who tackle serious issues in a Jerry Springer audience bating manner. The Hidden Cameras are also known in their native land for their lively and memorable live shows (several members dress in bold and outrageous costumes), they are supporting The Sleepy Jackson around the UK to promote the new single and the album. Those willing to laugh in the face of prejudice and listen to them or go and see them will not be disappointed.

David Adair

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