The Donnas - Gold Medal - Album Review

The Donnas

The Donnas - Gold Medal - Alum Review

The Donnas
Gold Medal

The Donnas are a fantastic example of how American bands are really favouring the British sound and putting their own spin on it.

This all girl quartet do have that rebellious, punk quality to their sound, but it is wholly grounded with an organic vocal and riffs and rhythms that any camp anarchist would be proud to have penned.

The joy of an all girl band is the great harmonies they can produce and ‘I don’t want to know’ is a perfect example of how sensual harmonies can work so well with unyielding rhythms and great guitar jams.

The Donnas - Gold Medal - Alum Review

Single ‘Gold Medal’ is a lot more folky than you expect or want it to be. It doesn’t lose anything musically but does perhaps lose that ‘Donnas’ personality and sultry rock sound and adopts a more acoustic format which is not a million miles away from Liverpool band The Stands.

These California babes certainly know their way around rock and for those of you that care, they’re pretty gorgeous too. Perhaps the most favoured track is ‘Don’t break me down’ but can’t see that be released for a little while yet.


Jemma Volp-Fletcher

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