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The Streets new single Let's Push Things Forward

New garage pioneer The Streets is holding an ‘album listening party’ at his official website, where fans can hear every single track from his new album before its official release. Original Pirate Material is released on March 25 but from tomorrow (March 20) fans will be able to listen to the full album at

His next single Let’s Push Things Forward, taken from the garage-redefining Original Pirate Material, is released on April 14. Below is the full tracklisting, along with a little description of each track from the man himself Mike Skinner, aka The Streets.

Turn The Page
This was wrote as an intro, inspired a little by watching gladiator at my sister’s house. A bit of fantasy fiction or something. Took me ages to think of a title but as soon as I came up with the opening line, it felt right. I played all the strings and shit myself. Coz I’m a right geeza.

Has It Come To This
I was trying to cross the DJ Premier sound with straight up garage beats. I wanted the loose flow like Modd Deep or somethin’ rather than the hyped MC stuff in Garage. I think people had to get used to it and I still think most people don’t understand it.

Let’s Push Things Forward
I was still developing the sound back then and the chorus is just going on about how stressful it can be when you are tryna create a new sound and how people can be so negative. Like those little fuckin dickheads posting bollox on my message board. But shortly after that I was pleasantly surprised at how open minded a lot of people can be!

Sharp Darts
Just a beat and some silly spittin. Quite an old school beat which I’m not normally into but I tried to set it apart with the scratching noise. SHUT UP I’M THE DRIVER YOU’RE THE PASSENGER – that’s my manager’s favourite line.

Same Old Thing
Who can deny that those strings aren’t FAT eh? Juss a banger for the rudeboys MEE NAR MEK BARGIN AR DEEAL. Just talking about being in the pub and it being the same day in day out – and whatever pub you go into. Which has just reminded me how nice it would be to be downin a cool pint of Krony right now…

Pretty boring melodically. A bit angry like. It’s having a go at all the angry people and the silly shit people do cause someone looked at them wrong… what you looking at? Yeah, yeah, yeah geez, I’m coming back wiv a bat… FUCK OFF YOU WORLD RUININ TWATS

It’s Too Late
Just a sad love song thing but tryna make it honest and down to earth. Took ages to write for some reason. Ever been gutted that a bird dumped you?

Too Much Brandy
Messy. Staring off with our lads’ weekend in Amsterdam and finishing off in a random bar in London. My head hurts just thinkin about it. By the way, I only actually did one bag of mushrooms. I put two in the tune coz it rhymed but my mate pulled me up on it in the pub so I am officially apologising to him right now. Sorry Lee. I lied about the mushys mate.

All Got Our Runnins
Started off having my mate Crispy on but it got scrapped and then at the last minute we put it back in and by that time he was looking at doing a deal with another record label blah blah blah, politics politics politics, life was so much easier when we used to go round on BMX’s making motorbike engine noises…

Who Got The Funk?
Just some shouts in a daft punk, ‘homework’ style. Thomas Bangalter (the guy in Daft Punk) I love you mate. Dump your girlfriend and let’s drink in my local all day. I’ve got some stories to tell you…

Irony Of It All
Funny tune that my mates all love. I don’t like preaching but I wanted to make a point with this one…in fact thinking about it…nearly all my tunes preach…erm…well…I didn’t intend to preach so sorry if you feel preached. I won’t do it again. Anyway, it’s me on both verses just fuckin around. Took me ages to make it sound like they were talking to each other though. Try this at home kids. Record yourself on a tape recorder and then play it back and try to argue with it!

Weak Become Heroes
Pills pills pills mmmmmm they are very nice. I like pills I do. They make me happy. Until I’ve got to hold down work in the morning. Oooohhhh. Mingin. Sweaty pits, can’t think straight. Can’t quite remember what I was talking about… no no no, I’m never doing pills again…until next time…

Who Dares Wins
Just some bare hip-hop shit but on the garage half beat. You see, I am nothing short of a genius. Where’s my award Mr Mercury? I am the voice of a generation you see… oh yes…she will be mine…Susan Ward from Sunset Beach will be mine…

Stay Positive
Sad tale of smack. Bit depressin. Sorry to have put this on you people. No jokin matter tho. Except for the fact that for some reason I sound like I’ve got flu. I think I need to get a new mic.

Free Preview of The Streets new single Let's Push Things Forward @
Free Preview of The Streets new single Let's Push Things Forward@
Free Preview of The Streets new single Let's Push Things Forward @
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Windows Media
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