So Solid Crew - DVD With Exclusive Live Footage

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DVD With Exclusive Live Footage

The UK's ground breaking urban music act So Solid Crew release a DVD of their story on the 28th October. The DVD which includes an exclusive uncut version of the documentary which was first screened on Channel 4 on Tuesday 8th October is a must for all fans who want to know the real story behind the headlines.

WARNING! - This DVD contains exclusive live footage of the band the authorities won’t allow you to see!

So Solid Crew are the most exciting act to emerge onto the British music scene for decades.

In two short years the 30 plus strong collective from south London have gone from the Winstanley estate in Battersea to the top of the pop charts, picking up numerous awards and selling hundreds of thousands of records along the way.

This two years has also seen them become the most controversial British act since the Sex Pistols. A shooting at a London show in November 2001 put the Crew on the front pages of the newspapers for all the wrong reasons. Recently released, So Solid Crew MC Asher D has spent several months in a Young Offenders Institution for possessing a firearm.

Portrayed as a threat to the nation’s youth by much of the media and many of those in authority, the group are effectively banned from playing live anywhere in the UK.
This Is So Solid is all you need to bring you up to speed with the phenomenon that is So Solid Crew at the end of 2002.

Containing the promo videos to all their singles, David Upshal’s revealing documentary ‘This Is So Solid and exclusive footage form a fan club only live show where the crew unveil brand new tracks, this DVD gives a unique insight into the crew’s music, personalities and performance.

The DVD includes:

In July 2002 So Solid Crew came together for a unique performance. To get around the restrictions that prevent them doing live concerts, the So Solid Crew performed a full show behind closed doors in front of a specially invited audience of fan club members. This is an exclusive opportunity to witness the crew in full flow, doing what they do best.
As well as established classics such as ‘Ride Wid Us’, ‘21 Seconds’ and ‘Skyla’ the live set features a host of brand new tracks from the crew including ‘No Love’, ‘All About South’, ‘Turn It Up’ and ‘Kaish Anthem’.

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Thug Anthem : Deeper : Dough : Skyla : Girl Next Door : Lisa’s Advice : Kaish Anthem: Turn It Up : Don’t Call Me : All About South : No Love : Ride Wid Us (Deep Roller Mix) : 21 Seconds

The DVD contains an exclusive directors cut of the Channel 4 documentary This Is So Solid, directed by David Upshal.
So Solid Crew are the most talked about musicians of the 21st century. Platinum-selling, multi-award winning & the most innovative thing to happen to the music business for 20 years. This is the truth behind the hype. This is the So Solid story told in the Crew’s own words. Who they are, where they come from, and what they’re really all about.

The DVD includes promo videos for the hits ‘Oh No (Sentimental Things)’, ‘They Don’t Know’, ‘Ride Wid Us’ and the number one smash ‘21 Seconds’.

Hidden Acappella Tracks, Exclusive Online Game (DVD-ROM), Documentary Out-takes, Dolby Stereo & 5.1 Surround Sound.

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1. DVD With Exclusive Live Footage

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