Small Victories - Holding On Hopefully (Boobytrap Records) - Album Review

Small Victories - Holding On Hopefully
Small Victories - Holding On Hopefully (Boobytrap Records) - Album Review

Small Victories
Holding On Hopefully
( Boobytrap Records)

An angry band has emerged from the welsh valleys and proclaim to be about far more than music, as the prevalent message on the inside cover of the album sleeve urging people to read the lyrics preferably before the listening to the music signifies. This way you won’t try and fit them together because they don’t, apparently. This almost indulgent proclamation will have alarm bells ringing in many readers ears, haven’t we been down this unconventional and defiant route with a welsh band

Small Victories - Holding On Hopefully (Boobytrap Records) - Album Review

before? That is the inevitable Manics comparison out of the way and hopefully people can take off the blinkers and see this offering for its true value. The lyrics are angry, defiant and almost spiteful in places, which is borne out in ‘The Weight’:

“I thought this feeling would go away as I got older. Well, how wrong can someone be? Even as I sit here now – getting closer, losing interest by the day.”

The music still plays an important part, as it is quite soothing in a Doves and Elbow type manner to soften the impact of the bitter lyrics. Previously released single ‘Go Back To Bed America’ is a case in point, whereby vocalist James Chant leads a bemused protest against America in an ever topical tuneful rant. Chant’s Guy Garvey style vocals sit neatly with tingling piano and crisp guitars, incorporating a distinctly Elbow sound in tracks such as ‘Come What May’ and ‘The Weight’. Unfortunately, this uncompromising, sincere and emotive offering does represent a small victory in the fight to impart an ounce of integrity into the music industry, with all the hype that surrounds so many shallow and empty bands that shall remain nameless. However, it is to be hoped that they will keep on producing Small Victories until the battle is won.

David Adair

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