EA's Rugby 2005 - Review Xbox Review

Rugby 2005

EA's Rugby 2005  - Xbox Review

EA's Rugby 2005 – Review Xbox Review

With the six Nations cup only recently behind us and the English World Cup victory still fresh enough to savor EA's Rugby 2005 hits the stores. Whether you are a rugby aficionado or completely new to the sport Rugby 2005 brings you bone-crunchingly close to the heart of the action.

The game, which features a host of game-play modes and graphical upgrades from its predecessor, delivers an authentic rugby experience and incorporates all the major Rugby teams, players, and tournaments, including the Tri-Nations, Super 12 and many more authentic and prestigious events from the world of Rugby. The game incorporates a completely upgraded graphical engine with individually differentiated players, realistic motion-captured player animations, dramatic lighting and cameras, and stadiums that are accurate with details such as crowd reactions, songs, and chants. EA SPORTS Rugby 2005 plays realistically with on-the-fly play-calling, right analog stick controls for fakes and crushing hits and improved kicking control. The game also features a ' Rugby 101' training mode outlining the rules, controls, and tactics of the sport through videos and interactive challenges.

Lightning-fast backs, 300-pound forwards, huge hits, and no pads. This is rugby in its greatest glory. With EA SPORTS™ Rugby 2005 you can build team momentum with a shoulder charge or a high-impact collision, or avoid being tackled with creative side-steps or jukes --the power is in your control. New player models promote the most popular players in rugby, while realistic animations better simulate actions and movements on the pitch. For newcomers, an interactive Training mode allows

EA's Rugby 2005 – Review Xbox Review

EA's Rugby 2005 – Review Xbox Review

you to easily familiarize yourself with the game's elements. After you hone your skills, make a run for the 6 Nations and European Cup championships or take on teams in the Super 12 and European Domestic Leagues. The time to master the sport of rugby is NOW.

True Rugby Realism - New player models of varying height and weight and realistic animations bring the tackles, high emotions, and player actions on the pitch to life.

Learn it. Play it. Live it. - Training mode outlines the eight main rugby gameplay elements including rules, controls, and advanced tactics. After youve learned the game, take your skills to the Training Pitch for challenge-based training drills using advanced controls.

Unprecedented Control Over Every Aspect of the Sport - Set plays on the fly, dive when tackling, sidestep big hits, build momentum with a shoulder charge, or confuse the defense with complex fakes and dummies - the entire game is in your hands.

All-New Creation Zone - Create customized players based on your own likeness, your favorite rugby star, classic players of the game, or any other characters that come to mind.

New Teams and Tournaments - More teams and leagues added for the upcoming season, plus the addition of the Heineken/European Cup and customizable, user-designed knockout tournaments.

Enhanced Broadcast Presentation - New camera angles, sound effects, crowd noise, commentators, and replay controls provide better feel for what is happening on the pitch.

Team Songs and Chants - Team songs and crowd chants from the major stadiums around the world capture the spirit and excitement of rugby.

If Rugby is your favorite sport then this game is as good as it gets. If you are new to the sport then the ' Rugby 101' training mode is clever enough to teach you the ins and outs of the game, whether you will have the patience and motivation to see it through is another matter.

7 out of 10

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