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Roots Manuva

Roots Manuva
Ultimate Dilemma

Welcome back to the BADMEANINGOOD series, an attempt to get to the heart of what Hip Hop means in the 21st century, through the ears and minds of some of the music's foremost practitioners, This gives Hip Hop's freest spirits the chance to refashion the story in their own personal way, redefining what the genre means by showcasing the music that they feel best sums up what it's all about. In this case being Rodney Smith is better known as ROOTS MANUVA, the man behind two landmark Hip Hop albums, countless guest spots.

ROOTS MANUAVA's mix will surprise those who thought they had this maverick figured out. When you ask him what he reckons Hip Hop is, he instantly replies in his bouncing, booming baritone that it's, "the universal language of sonics". And, in his analysis, that universal language is comprised of phrases taken from many different musical tongues.

Towards the end of the mix, for instance, he offers his unique take on The Beatles, and, while they're the most covered artists in history, nothing can prepare you for the underwater dub reggae reading of Yellow Submarine he has constructed especially for this album.

"Yellow, banana, banana, yellow," he explains cryptically. "I've got this whole plan in my head for a label called Banana Clan, so this is the theme song. And The Beatles are a band I've got a lot of respect for. Paul McCartney used to smoke more weed than me so I'm sure we can identify with each other on a certain level."

"hip hop is quite literally in my blood," he affirms. "Seriously. Hip Hop educated me, and it pays my rent. It means everything to me." Listening to this album you might begin to realise why.

Track Listing:

1) Roots Vocal Intro Intro
2) Deckwrecka Feat MCD Priceless
3) Fallacy & Fusion The Groundbreaker
4) Willie Hutch I'm Gonna Hold on
5) The Beat Mirror in the bathroom
6) Cecile Sweetest Feeling
7) Bad Vibes & Potential Bad Boy Bad Boy DJ (remix)
8) Sugar Minot Crazy Sound Boy
9) Ol' Dirty Bastard Feat Mack 10 & Royal Flush Caught Up
10) Braintax Feat. Taskforce Godnose
11) Eric B & Rakim Follow the leader
12) Nwa Straight outta Compton
13) Soul Ii Soul Keep On Movin'
14) Freeez I.O.U
15) Juicy Sugar free
16) Lucy Pearl Can't Stand Your Mother
17) Outkast Elevators (Me & You)
18) Roots Manuva Yellow Submarine (exclusive cover)
19) Reachout Stimulation Of Kaos

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