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12. The Easy Access Orchestra The Affair (12" - Irma Recordings)
Irma records are associated with all things jazz and retro, and this release couldnt fit more neatly into their schedule.
The Affair may sound like its been born in the underground hubbub of a New York jazz joint or a hip and swinging 1960s coffee shop, but difficult as it is to believe, the truth isnt quite as romantic.
The years 1999, 2000 and 2001 are the correct but ill-fitting era, South London is the setting, and the lounge-inspired creators are the duo of Ralph Lamb and Andy Ross.
This album is twelve tracks of pure, unadulterated elevator and jazz and should only to be tackled by those with a serious penchant for cheese and swinging. Picture a room of hip young revellers in mini skirts (thats the girls of course) and flowery shirts, toking on cigarettes and discussing the niceties of life. Think Sergio Mendes harmonies and floaty latin jazz (Glider Girl), think James Bond sex scenes, think Gilberto Gil and his shuffling sambas (Las Chicas), think Bacharach and Herb Albert.
Music to woo to - no wonder theyre called the Easy Access Orchestra.
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