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12. Lamb What Sound (Album - Mercury)
From the minute their self-titled debut album was released five years ago, Lamb stood out from the crowd. And with a sound so distinctive, they return to an open-armed and eager audience.

What Sound, shows a development and advancement. The drum and bass patterns of their debut have all but vanished as has the darker edge of its 1999 follow-up Fear of Fours.

Everything else, however, is still unmistakably Lamb; the unmistakably fragile vocal of Louise Rhodes and the unmistakably erratic and prominent beat patterns of her partner Andy Barlow. The spine tingling orchestral arrangements are still there as are the torrent of lovelorn vocals. Louises stories read like a Paolo Coehlo novel, where simplified lyrics preach spiritual enlightenment and give texture to emotions of true love and heartache. What Sound has even got its very own Goreki with the tear-jerking honesty that is One.

So there are all the similarities. Now, where are the differences.

There is an inclusion of a harder and more techno edge with tracks such as the instrumental Scratch Bass, alongside a deeper delve into sound experimentation with the grace and splintered tenderness of Small.

They have developed, but thankfully, not lost the roots and the basis of what makes them unique and perhaps one on the most interesting bands around at the moment.

Long may they reign.
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