Kinobe - "Versus-bridge-chorus?" Album Review

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16. Kinobe Versus-bridge-chorus? (Album - Pepper)
Kinobe are a difficult band to pigeonhole. Like the Groove Armadas of this world they flit from one idea to the next, always sticking to an accessible and user friendly style but dabbling in so many different sounds.
For instance they pull in guest vocals from the likes of Ben and Jason, attempt hip-hop and the sampling angle by using the infamous keyboard hookline from The Loving Spoonfuls Summer In the City (not one of their best ideas), tackle the chill-out aspect of jazz and then go on to up the tempo with a dance track.
This can be a worrying sign. Sometimes its better to master one particular style rather that skimming the surfaces of so many.
Some of the tracks such as Mamas Girl tend to come on the powdery side and the hip-hop attempts are none too promising.
But, its when we reach the likes of Butterfly and a purity of voice so sweet it could melt ice, (somewhere between Karen Carpenter and Carly Simon) or the flute laden instrumentals such as Having A Moment or The G# Spot that this band really shine.
Morcheeba fans can find another happy home with this lot. For others, you must choose your moments. Maybe its about time Kinobe chose theirs; concentrating on the strong points and binning the rest.
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