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11. Tom Silvester Deep And Wide (Album (Beau Monde) )
Obviously a studious man who likes to do his prep, Tom Silvester has been creating and indeed releasing records for over 5 years but it is only now that he finally takes the plunge and get his first albums length of work out on the racks.
Understated is a word that pretty much sums up Deep And Wide. At his best, Cambridge born Silvester manages to blur together a concourse of wonderfully ethereal and understated soundscapes, at his worst (which isnt soooo bad!) the understatements unknowingly relinquish to a blither of unimportant monotony. Fortunately the at worst margin is narrow.
In the main, Silvester is as cautious with his creative decisions as he is with his release schedule, not plumping for any particular style, instead cleverly wandering around in some kind of musical half way house, sketching together a haze of ska, jazz, dub and house, creating a wondrous Eno-like swirl of irreverent crusades through sound and space, a transient wilderness of disco drenched dreaminess and mind-massaging electronica.
Highlights are the undulating techno twists of And On And On and the cut-back, laid-back disco sensuality of Remember Me (like a toned down Moloko on a hi-energy tip).
This is an album to wallow in and the fact that the final track All Good Things sounds like its been lifted straight off a relaxation tape from your local health shop, kind of spells the whole of Tom Silvesters message out in one fell swoop. Put up your feet, shut your eyes, listen and enjoy.
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