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5. Phase 5 Space Bar (Album - Different Drummer/Round Trip Mars)
Different Drummer haul in yet another oversees recruit with the enlisting of Aulkland producer Angus McNaughton. Angus and his partner DJ Stinky Jim aka Phase 5, (previously known as Soundproof) have been running around together since the mid nineties, concocting various musical ensembles and constantly adding to and nurturing their prized Phase 4 record collections. (Phase 4 being an easy listening record label who have influenced the band in more ways than simply their name choice). Although most of the eight album tracks are of danceable proportions, the kaleidoscopic quirkiness of the easy listening fraternity is paramount to the overall vibe of the album.

Following on from the Spacebar EP of 99, which received a commendable amount of plaudits, the album keeps the momentum going with an all-encompassing spectrum of dub, funk, psychedelia and trippy instrumentals.
Theres never a dull moment, not only with the arresting range of tracks but also with the intriguing number of twists and turns within each track. One second youve got John Barry raising his dramatic head, (Easy Gargamel), then youve got the slender, hip-twisting bossa nova styles of the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, then the Arcadian Leila-like approach to piano tinkling (Mothman Skunk). Perfect backroom/bedroom material.

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