Razorlight - Rip It Up - Video Streams


Razorlight- Rip It Up - Video Streams

‘Rip It Up’

featured on the massive debut album ‘Up All Night’
Vertigo Records
Monday 29th November 2004

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Once upon a time there was a song....
it had the good fortune of being recorded in demo form at London’s famous Toerag Studios and was produced by Toerag sound-maestro Liam Watson.

This demo was played by John Kennedy, tireless ambassador for new bands and X-fm DJ. The demo was heard by many A&R men and the song managed to secure it’s band a groundbreaking record deal.

The song is called ‘Rip It Up’ and it is by Razorlight.
A mere couple of months after signing, Razorlight found themselves

Razorlight - Rip It Up - Video Streams
Razorlight - Rip It Up - Video Streams

releasing their first proper single and it was ‘Rip It Up’. The full release version was this time produced by yet another renowned producer; Steve Lillywhite and this release precipitated what eventually become ‘the rags to riches’ story of the last twelve months.

(Despite the success of the produced, recorded, signed version of ‘Rip it Up’ the Toerag demo was not forgotten and as a gesture to all of those who knew it, the Toerag ‘Rip It Up’ was given it’s own release as a B-side to what is now one of Razorlight’s most popular live songs ‘Stumble & Fall’ and the band’s first top thirty it.)

The Lillywhite ‘Rip it Up’ was a year ago to this very day. Now it is 2004. Razorlight have had what could undoubtedly be seen as a stellar year and on November 29th will release for the very first time, a new version of ‘Rip it Up’. This version appears on the chart storming debut Razorlight album ‘Up All Night’ and this version was produced by a third (but no less great) producer John Cornfield at an equally legendary studio: Sawmills.

It is a fitting cap to the year. This album version or the Cornfield ‘Rip it Up’ will be the last song to come from Razorlight’s debut album and it is a fitting bookend to what has been a truly remarkable 12 months.

This is one fairy tale where they do all live happily ever after.


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