QUEER TRAX - Takes Us Back to Our Roots. A Mixed Tribute to the Gay House Music Underground

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QUEER TRAX - Takes Us Back to Our Roots. A Mixed Tribute to the Gay House Music Underground

A Mixed Tribute to the Gay House Music Underground.

House Music, like so many cultural phenomena, started with The Children, the gay, black and Hispanic queens who first produced, played and danced to these fierce tracks in unmarked warehouses in shady parts of town. It was the gay clubs that first introduced the raw, gritty, stripped down track-heavy sound that we came to call House Music, to their post-Disco floors.

In Chicago , it was Ron Hardy, the DJ at The Music Box, who was the groundbreaker. He, like many at the core of the early House scene, was a big fan of the sleekly robotic, German and Italian electro-disco records quietly slipping into American import shops that heavily influenced the House sound. The mix of percussive disco beats, the Euro-synth sound and virtually lyric-less vocals sent his crowd into a sweating, screaming frenzy. People noticed. DJs at New York Clubs like Better Days, The Paradise Garage, Tracks and The Sound Factory followed before the music went around the world to return dressed up as the newest sound in commercial dance records several years later. While House Music laid the foundation for the sound that has since evolved into the heavily produced big-room music that dominates contemporary dance floors, the heart of House remains, still, in the hands of The Children. This is something special for you.

QUEER TRAX - Takes Us Back to Our Roots - with Trax Records

QUEER TRAX - Takes Us Back to Our Roots - with Trax Records

Queer Trax is a very live (no studio tricks here), banging, non-stop mix of classic and underground Chicago House tracks by Ron Hardy protg, King D. Many of the House classics here remain in the crates of today's most influential DJs because they are as exciting to play, dance, and listen to now as they were when they were first released. Highlights include "I Can't Forget" (Mr. Lee), "Bad Boy" (Frankie Knuckles), "Time Marches On" (Jungle Wonz) "Tearin Down The Walls" (Nouveau Nation), "Ride The Rhythm" (On The House), "Fantasize Me" (Pleasure Pump). In the mix are a few new house tracks which will surely be loved by seasoned and novice house fans! Queer Trax is a sweatbomb of a mix. Period. Old-schoolers will be time-warped while new-schoolers will once again get hip to House from the Label that started it all.

Various Artists Trax Records: Queer Tracks track list:

• On the House Give back to me

• On the House Ride the Rhythm Remix

• Jungle Wonz Time Marches On

• Mr. Lee I can't Forget

• Santos Work the box

• Robert Owens Bring down the walls

• Ron Hardy Sensation

• Virgo Free Yourself

• Desirable Revenge Pump it hard

• Adonis We're Rocking Down the House

• Jere McAllister A Perfect Love

• Frankie Knuckles Bad Boy

• Matt Warren I Can't Believe It

• Farley Jackmaster Funk Give yourself to me

• Jessie's Gang Real Love 1989 Remix

• Lidell Townsell Get the Whole

• Dalis Rock Steady

• Frankie Knuckles Baby wants to Ride

• The Platinum Orchestra Fix my Sink

• Screamin' Rachael Sister Sister

• Robert Owens- Tearin' down the walls

• Pleasure Pump- Fantasize Me

• Farley Jackmaster Funk- Love Can't Turn Around

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