Queen Adreena - Gig Review Sheffield Barfly August 8th 2002

Queen Adreena - Gig Review
Sheffield Barfly August 8th2002

In the case of Queen Adreena, let me divulge…indulge…if I may. I have seen the band live a few times now, and the sheer stamina of this band will never cease to amaze me. If I backtrack for a moment, the last time I saw the band live (before tonight's show), being Leeds Metropolitan, where they were the support for a couple of Indie Rock/Pop bands. I remember with disappointment as I scanned the audience reaction: a selection of confused and bewildered expressions, and felt revulsion when I saw a couple of the likes sneer at the show before them.

Queen Adreena will quickly remind you what music is all about, if you were to go to one of their shows, in which I can guarantee; you always get a show. Hence my original point: their stamina. QA haven't had it easy, and were unbelievably dropped from their record company on the eve of releasing their second album in the not too distant past. This must have added to their frustration of not being given the recognition they deserve, who for me personally, fit under that small umbrella of bands, which could actually give a largely dire English music scene, some credibility. Thankfully, they were re-signed through their management company, Rough Trade, and a second album can now, mercifully be heard.

Queen Adreena - Gig Review @ www.contactmusic.com
Queen Adreena - Gig Review @ www.contactmusic.com

Tonight the audience belongs to QA, and as the intro music fades the beautiful and fragile creature that is Katy Jane Garside draws us in with her ethereal vocals in My Silent Undoing, and you can barely hear a pin drop. The show is hugely dynamic throughout, KJG quickly turning into a snarling writhing effigy in Kitty Collar Tight and Pretty Like Drugs, off the newly released 2nd album, 'Drink Me', and continuing to mix new tracks in with other favorites such as Pretty Polly and Cold Fish. It is unnerving and sometimes uncomfortable to see a person give everything of themself in a performance; stripped to the core, emotionally naked, wounds gaping, for all to see. Yet this is the very essence of KJG; this is her pledge. Guitarist Crispin Grey is also as captivating to watch with his eccentric on stage mannerisms, and effortlessly lives in a world of his own. Orson Wajih on bass usually adorns platform boots and a dress (but not tonight) - possesses uncannily good looks resembling nothing short of a statuesque Greek god. You could imagine the rumors of his possible homosexuality being compiled himself, if only to ward away hordes of female attention!

As the show draws to it's close, you can't help feeling a sense of fulfillment, as Queen Adreena never short-change you with who and what they are. The satisfied noises from the audience confirm this, and Queen Adreena surely are a band that give music back, a reason.

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