Proud Mary - Love & Light - Album released: 17th May

Proud Mary
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Proud Mary - Love & Light - Album released: 17th May

Proud Mary
Love & Light
Album released: 17th May

A brilliant second offering from one of Manchester’s most innovative bands, with a heavy country rock theme throughout, Proud Mary give us ‘Love & Light’ as their stonking follow up to ‘The Same Old Blues’.

Now on Redemption Records, a change in the band line up and fresh from a tour of the UK and Ireland, the band seem to have a more definite focus of what they’re about – a jam-packed, more rounded sound.

Proud Mary - Love & Light - Album released: 17th May

Particularly gorgeous on this album is the title track – a solemn, heart warming tune with a comforting riff courtesy of Newsome.

‘Rain on me’ also plays a blinder. A little bit darker than the rest but a sing-along quality unrivalled by the remainder of the tracks – a little bit of banjo certainly goes a long way with this one.

‘She don’t know’ – acoustic, sweet and thoroughly beautiful, simply about a girl who loved and lost.

‘Never Good Night’ – girls prepare to shed a tear…“Springtime in London is almost as pretty as you when you’re loving life. Take it or leave it I’m staying so never good night.” How long have we waited for someone to say that to us and now Proud Mary have put it down so we don’t have to wait any longer! Hurrah! A truly addictive track.

There are too many great tracks in this collection to mention them all, but I would say hang about for the secret interlude at the end of track 12. ‘Love & Light’ is a tremendous array of themes, beautiful vocals, tempos and emotions – go and buy it!


Jemma Volp-Fletcher

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