The Polyphonic Spree - Live review (11/07/2003) Liverpool Academy 1

The Polyphonic Spree
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The Polyphonic Spree: Live review (11/07/2003) Liverpool Academy 1
The main support of the evening was provided by The Bandits, forming part of the new sound coming out of Liverpool, and so naturally being compared to The Coral. The Bandits follow this psychedelic scene well, without staying in their shadow entirely. Having supported the likes of The Vines, Oasis and Hot Hot Heat the John Robinson fronted sextet are in danger of being called Salad in the industry as they go with anything. It was another impressive set which showcased acoustic based and country style single 'Take It And Run' and also new single '2 step rock' towards the end warmed the bubbly crowd. Their debut album is due out soon and it could make them band of 2003 if it contains songs as good as the above mentioned two.
Music - The Polyphonic Spree: Live review (11/07/2003) Liverpool Academy 1

Simon Callow once asked Tim De Laughter the front man, or is it leader? Of the twenty three plus (I lost count at that number) robe wearing, cult like band 'The Polyphonic Spree':

"How do you guys make money?"

To which the mercurial Texan simply replied "we don't". What they do very well, however, is make people happy with their infectiously positive chorus backed tubes, which they delighted the crowd with tonight; 'Its the sun' and 'Have A Day Celebratory' spread happiness as though it was confetti. There was an impressive spine tingling three minute plus harp solo that added to the expected variety provided by The Spree.

Tim is known for putting a lot of thought into the shows his band puts on and they usually do something a little daft or crazy, but not as crazy as what they did tonight. After completing the main set in their traditional white robes, they returned for the encore in bright 'red' robes that surely was going to divide this Liverpool crowd? There was not a blue robe in sight. However, everyone was so full of happiness by then, that The Spree had not lost one fan at all from their bold fashion statement.

David Adair

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