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Funky, fucked up, kinky beats from Ninja’s new kids Pest, who deliver one of this year’s Ninja highlights. Description? A sampled, played, destroyed and reconstructed mesh of jazz licks, Latin rumbles, glitch theory and vocal snippets that have been tied and tagged in offbeat time, underpinned by anti-convention and spat out the other end as a lurid collage that sits somewhere betwixt Frank Zappa and the drugs he never did. Loony tunes cut up at the speed of sound. From Ninja we expect nothing less.
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Flamin' 'ell. Let's just start by saying that Pest are the kind of band you don’t want to say anything about in case you ruin it. And whatever you say reduces how they sound a little, coz frankly they sound like nothing on earth.

So we could tell you that the five young men based in South East London with backgrounds in everything from classical music, techno, hip hop, jazz and, sampling, combine to make the kind of noise that you’d expect the Blockheads to be creating if they were starting out now, or the Mothers of Invention if they worked in a caf’ in Deptford (and some of the boys from Pest actually do). Or what Mr Scruff might be doing if he were split into five evil clones and fed bad acid for a month. None of which really gets near.

Alternatively, we could point out that one of them got a scholarship from Gibson guitars whilst at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts while another is a classical cello player who has performed with Roots Manuva and Kosheen and produced UK garage for Pure Silk. Or that another one was a progressive techno bod with releases for Flatline Recordings. Or that one of them plays trombone and studies African drumming. Or that another has DJ’d hip hop and funk all over the capital for more years than he should have and is a mean rhymer on the microphone.

We could concentrate on their live outings as Spynaworkshop and say that they've played all over London from painfully hip dotcom parties to the spiritual home of punk, the Hope & Anchor, taking in both Turnmills and The Spitz on the way.

We could feed you some shit about bands and the zeitgeist and all that nonsense. We could even dress them in matching suits or vintage wear and re-name them The Hokes, or we could continue to complicate the issue. Basically they're a perfectly nice bunch of people who have cocooned themselves in an unfashionable part of London and are now ready to fly out and show themselves to the world. Not as a butterfly, but as a hairy six legged nasty, idiot savant of a creature. What they share is the belief that dance music needs a good kick up the arse! What they deliver is less of a kick and more of a nudge through a black hole backwards.

Confused? Me too.

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Child of the deep freeze

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