Nic Armstrong - Broken Mouth Blues EP (One Little Indian) - EP Review

Nic Armstrong
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Nic Armstrong; Broken Mouth Blues EP (One Little Indian) - Review

Nic Armstrong
Broken Mouth Blues EP (One Little Indian)

It is easy to jump to the conclusion that one member of The Stands wandered off in the recording studio, when listening to this self titled retro rock opener. Byrds style instrumental and vocals with a jab (pardon the pun) of Jack White, makes for a nifty start to this offering that gives you the chance to remember the good old days whilst still appearing to be with the times. The following track is a sharp reminder of how we need another The Beach Boys, with the original line up milking their past glories in a humiliating dignity sapping manner.

Music - Nic Armstrong; Broken Mouth Blues EP (One Little Indian) - Review

Therefore, ‘My Voice Will Be Quiet’ sees Armstrong impressively pulling off a Brian Wilson vocal impersonation with aplomb in a tingling heart wrenching and soothingly simplistic number on the topic of lost love;

“Don’t bother me my poor heart is aching,
Overcome with sadness it feels like it’s broken.
I wonder how long this carries on till she comes right on.”

This neat four track follow up to the debut single ‘Natural Flair’ that was released last November is an unashamed homage to the good old days with influences ranging from The Beatles, the above named artists and The Who. ‘I Want To Be Your Driver’ is everything that The Who stood for; provocative, raw and catchy. Armstrong aptly answers the oft asked question that you can be patently derivative and still highly original and most importantly; entertaining.

David Adair

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