NFL Street 2 - Xbox Review

NFL Street 2

NFL Street 2 - Xbox Review

NFL Street 2 - Xbox Review

There is no doubting the fact that EA Sports have, for years now, ruled the American Football scene when it comes to console gaming. The John Madden series has developed over the years into the seminal title for all you NFL fans. NFL Street takes the rather precise engine into a far more arcade type experience based on adrenalin rushes and “out of this world” moves.

Anyone out there that knows the first title will be asking the question “so what's new” there is quite a lot of new stuff added but maybe not enough in the way of meaningful additions. Float through the air like a bird with 15 feet high jumps and make off-the-wall catches, up-the-wall passes, wall hurdles, and endzone dives, or pull off jukes like a wall-runnin' football ninja. New challenges await around every corner as seven games including Crush the Carrier are unveiled for the first

NFL Street 2 - Xbox Review

time. Create yourself a player, master all the new skills, and hit the streets. You can recruit the best players as you build a rep and dominate the competition. Take over new neighborhoods and defend your turf until you Own the City. You can build your player to legendary status and then import him into Madden NFL 2006.

The city addition is one of the more welcome tweaks and actually adds depth to the game. Players now descend on Bay City , an all-new persistent world to build their teams, their reps, and their battle plans one field at a time. Once you own the walls, you will own the city. Join pick-up games around the city and establish your reputation by recruiting talent from the neighborhoods you conquer as you begin your journey to become football's biggest street legend.

As in NFL Street 1 the Gamebreaker meter plays a large part in your chances of victory. NFL Street 2 has had another Gamebreaker meter added, although you don't have to wait for it to fill up. You can play your Gamebreaker as soon as the first meter fills up but if you do wait for the second Gamebreaker meter then you have almost guaranteed your touchdown. When you play a Gamebreaker the view switches to a cut scene showing your team pulling off an awesome play.

NFL Street 2 advances the title in the right direction but not enough to warrant the outlay. There isn't enough in the way of new and meaningful additions to this release only 11 months after the original – the game breaker comes too frequent and the game isn't balanced between offence and defense. The open city idea has been added from need for speed and does add an extra dimension to the environment but as part two of a new twist on the NFL play this title is sadly lacking.

The Sound & graphics are what make this game. Playing in a back street with your friends is not so much about the rules, it's about the “vibe” & having fun, this is where NFL Street 2 excels. Borrowing heavily from the ultra vivid hip-hop culture NFL Street 2 is “BAD”. Fat tunes all the way, excellent vocal taunts and expressions mixed with realistic street ambience. Graphically the venues are believable, the players individual and likable. Each player has his victory dance –like in fighting games - When it's cold you can see your players breathe and the fast-paced action is easy to understand and nice and clear. Overall if you like arcade sport and have a soft spot for street culture then you will love this game. If you are looking for the ultimate American football sim then there is more on offer from other titles.

Football with an All-New Style
Add even more style to your game by making no-look, one-handed grabs, dive tackles, button-mash ball strips, and new to any football game: hurdle wraps and run-specific defensive line moves. If you really want to rub it in, celebrate that winning score with one hand as you make a mid-air snatch with the other.

New GameBreaker System
Revamped GameBreakers build to dramatic sequences where players go airborne. Running backs launch themselves off lead blockers to hurdle defenders, while linebackers throw defensive backs over the line to force a turnover.

New Playing Fields
Ten new fields and two bonus environments alter your gameplay strategy and open up the opportunity for a variety of wall interactions

An all-new Create-A-Player system allows you to design your own players. Customize every player detail including the color of your eyes, the shape of your nose, mouth, ears, jaw, and chin, plus hairstyle, hair color, and more. Then add some style with the hottest new gear on the streets.


8 out of 10

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