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New World Order
New World Order reviewed on PC @
New World Order reviewed on PC

New World Order is another terrorist and anti-terrorist dispute, simply waiting to be solved with an arsenal of massive proportions and men with some very severe haircuts. Strategy First's title once again puts players in that timeless Schwarzenegger movie type role. You know, intense deathmatch duels, hostage rescue, etc, etc. Titles such as this have begun to flood the gaming industry since the success of the Tom Clancy series. Is that good or bad? In most cases it is bad. Generally, because a large number of these games don't offer any original features.

OK, here's the story, in the near future, terrorist factions known as "The Syndicate" are becoming increasingly successful in creating havoc in the world. They are trained mercenaries, specialized in sabotage, kidnapping, destruction and espionage - and there seems no way to stop them, until now.
Formed by some of the world's most powerful nations, the GAT (Global Assault Team) is a top-secret organization that has been brought together to stop the Syndicate. GAT has a mandate to track down and dispose of terrorists any
way they see fit, anywhere in the world. You are agent John Dobbs, a rookie member of the Global Assault Team with only one mission: show terrorists it is time to set a New World Order and restore freedom...

Yeah, yeah, lets get to the killing and blowing up stuff, shall we?

When you begin, you have the choice of playing a number of single-player missions or you can create or join a multiplayer game. Either way, the game has an annoyingly sluggish frame-rate.

Throughout the single-player experience, you'll have a hard time completing each mission. At first, I thought the developers had got the AI spot on, but after an hour of gameplay I realized that this is down to laziness rather than attention to detail and a desire for realism. No matter how hard you try to remain hidden and pass through the level unfettered, enemies will be
shooting at you within minutes. And that usually spells the end of the mission. It seems like they've cheated a bit by making the AI ridiculously aware of your whereabouts, rather than applying a bit more thought to the awareness levels.

The equipment and battlements you can carry is limited by the amount of weight one can bear, so as with some games of this genre, you forget about carrying the equivalent of Colonel Gadaffi's weekend bag. You will have to choose wisely as you can only carry a few items and ammo. Clever you might
think; it is, yet will become very annoying before long. You can drop and pick up items as you go, so once a particular weapon is expensed, you can pick up another. My complaint is that you have to crouch for every weapon and if you are not in the right spot forget it. This requires huge dexterity by pressing the correct keys while moving the mouse, and all dome in little
tiny increments. I tell you, Yoda would struggle with this!

New World Order reviewed on PC @
New World Order reviewed on PC @
New World Order reviewed on PC @
New World Order reviewed on PC @
New World Order reviewed on PC @

Furthermore, there are no armor or health packs to help you out. This might be ok on the hardest difficulty setting, but not for easy. This might not be so bad if, as I mentioned before, all the terrorists weren't great marksman, but they are. Yes, even on easy. As if this wasn't enough, you can't pick up weapons
if they have a corpse lying on top of it, fair enough, nice and realistic you might think. WRONG, the corpse will often be protruding from a wall, as if it were a mirage! The deceased having fallen through it when you killed him. And, it also might only be a hand or a head that is blocking the gun, very frustrating indeed.

Graphically, this ain't too bad, without being knock-you-off-your-seat great, it's solid. This of course goes right out of the window when you start playing because everything is so damn sloooooooow! Multiplayer?
Unless you've got a real power PC, forget it, this makes the regular action look positively pacey! I have a mid range PC which was only bought in December and you'd think I was trying to use a 900mhz processor!!

Sound again is inoffensive, there's not much music to speak of and what speech there is is functional, if a little repetitive at times.

To sum up, this is far too flawed and bugged by today's first person shooter standards. It does little that other FPS's do, and puts huge demands on anything but the most up to date systems. It's a shame, because this is the sort of title of which I have a lot, and that usually I get a lot of playtime from. New World Order however, is frustrating enough for me to never want to play again after completing this review.

5 out of 10

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