NELLY FURTADO - 'Folklore' - November 24th Dreamworks Records

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'Folklore' - November 24th Dreamworks Records

Following the double platinum success of her debut album 'Whoa, Nelly!' in 2000, Nelly Furtado releases the much anticipated follow up 'Folklore' on November 24th.

A record firmly rooted in folk tradition, as the title might suggest, 'Folklore' is a record that plays on traditional themes while remaining modern and fresh in sound. Says Nelly, "Folk is universal, the impulse to pick up a guitar and sing about what surrounds you exists in every language, every culture, every nation. It's spontaneous, earthy, family-oriented. The new album plays with those ideas, and we've used instruments like banjo and accordion and tablas and pipe organ and harp to represent that."

The first single from the album will be 'Powerless' released on December 8th. With a heavy break beat, banjo throughout and its amazing chorus, the track is musically unique, and from the first moment she begins to sing, is uniquely Nelly. Twelve tracks in all, 'Folklore' is packed with melody, emotion and feeling. Nelly is just 23, but with all the experiences and discovery that touring the world and becoming a star at such an

NELLY FURTADO - 'Folklore' - November 24th Dreamworks Records
NELLY FURTADO - 'Folklore' - November 24th Dreamworks Records

age brings, 'Folklore' draws upon those experiences as well as her Portuguese heritage. With 'Powerless' a search for order in a complicated world, the frantic 'Explode' which draws upon the language of Brazilian marshal arts brought to the country by African slaves and 'Forca', which is a Portuguese slang word, some of those references are clear.

After a year spent in LA, Nelly returned to her adopted hometown of Toronto to record the follow up (she is originally from the city of Victoria, British Columbia). Here, she reunited with the production team Track and Field with whom she forged such a successful partnership on 'Whoa, Nelly!' and 'Folklore' was born.

All in all, 'Folklore' is a colourful, cultural, folky, modern and unique mix of influences and experiences, adding up to a smash record that will certainly cement Nelly Furtado's place as an essential and inventive artist.

Check out the video and Maroon Mix of 'Powerless'- the first single from the brand new Nelly Furtado album 'Folklore'.
Click here for Nelly Furtado audio/video

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