My Awesome Compilation; Actions (Sore Point Records 08/08/05) - Album Review

My Awesome Compilation - Actions Album Review

My Awesome Compilation; Actions (Sore Point Records 08/08/05)

My Awesome CompilationPedestrian emo punk from the heart of Leicestershire demonstrates thatthere is no need for inaudible vocals and mile a minute riffs to convey defiance and bemusement, a point highlighted inopener 'You Need Discipline'. The defiant Jim Adkins wrestling with Chris Demakes style vocals of Kris Roe add a bit of focus to the mix and produce a stoic feel. The punk spirit and evocation of human despair in; 'Gave You Everything' conveys feelings of fallibility with integrity and heart; "I gave you, I gave you everything and you took it all for granted."

Building on the success of last year's short offering 'The View Is Amazing', My Awesome Compilation have a positive edge to them in this full lengthforay that is borne out in the grab life advocating; 'Set To Go'. Defianceenters the frayin the mood swinging 'Actions',representing the most abrasivenumber, almost creeping into the hardcore category, at times. There is no greater ingredient than a pinch of desperation and this is proffered in 'As Always', a number that tells of lack-less resigning to failure in true emo punk fashion. My Awesome Compilation have garnered quite a reputation for their uncompromising live shows and head out on a mammoth UK tour, in orderto bolster that reputation and shower their new sound on what they hope will be growing crowds.

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