Moving Units - Dangerous Dreams - Album Review

Moving Units

Moving Units - Dangerous Dreams - Album Review

Moving Units
Dangerous Dreams

When you first hear this, you’ll wonder who? What? Where? Why? When? ‘Dangerous Dreams’ oozes cool but you can’t help thinking you’re having the wool pulled over your eyes – is it Electric 6 in straight clothing? Or is this the product of an Ian Curtis/Damon Albarn affair?

There are so many familiar sounds coming at you from all angles that at first you may be forgiven for thinking this album lacks originality.

Moving Units - Dangerous Dreams - Album Review

Tracks like ‘Between US & Them’ and ‘Anyone’ completely buzz off that electro-vibe that I’m so grateful is finally being outed to its full potential.

If you’d never heard of this LA trio before, the album sleeve does lead you to think they’re some too funky DJ outfit, but when you wack that bad boy on, what a refreshingly uber cool surprise – rock, disco, electro.

Led by beautiful, voluptuous bass guitar and mounted with a dirty beat and riff, ‘Dangerous Dreams’ will appeal to anyone who wants what bands like The Killers and Interpol offer but with a slightly more grubby-camp edge.

The tracks seem to grab most of their filling from pop-culture and the dissatisfaction of youth, so what’s new? I think what is new is the lack of fear Moving Units has to go out on a retro limb and mix and match their electro-rock style with disco beats and computerised vocals.

‘Scars’ is a particularly dark track and you do get a more progressive feeling from it, like it’s building to something or drifting off somewhere. It’s a little bit like that Deacon Blue track ‘I Was Right And You Were Wrong’, but a lot less ‘90s Scottish band’ sounding, of course.

This is a brilliant album to kick off the year and could well be my new getting ready soundtrack – praise indeed!


Jemma Volp-Fletcher

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