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Monsters Inc. Scream arena
Monsters Inc. - Scream arena @
Its all about Monster Balls?

I can't help but feel that I am maybe a bit too old to have been asked to review this game, but still I remembered actually quite enjoying the film so what the heck…..

I plugged in pulled up an easy chair and prepared to give it a go. The game soon jumped to life showing a number of monsters jumping around having a "fun time". It was at this point I considered waking up my 2 year old and getting him to do the review (but it said 3 on the box and thought I would give him an easy night).

The game itself is an elaborate version of dodge ball with plenty of ball variations and player characters. Each level is broken down into 5 or 6 games, each game is set in an area from the film such as the sushi restaurant or the main street of the Hidden City. The various dodge ball themes are start with nine lives and lose one each time you get hit, the highest score wins, hold onto the green flashing ball or just hit a number of targets. As you progress through the game you unlock new levels, characters and a new movie clip. Each character has his own power and speed settings as well as size allowing you to pick the best man for the job.

There are plenty of ball variations big red (good for blocking), small blue (nice and quick), a bubble ball that traps you or a sticky ball that stops you in your tracks etc. etc.

Monsters Inc. - Scream arena @
Monsters Inc. - Scream arena @

The only other ball that is really worth mentioning is the disco ball that turns you into a dancing monster complete with your own flashing dance floor.

All in all I am sure that this game may keep the kids occupied for a while but didn't have enough variation to keep me occupied, in fact I finished the whole shooting match in just over an hour. The game definitely didn't do the film the justice it deserved (a familiar story)………

9.5 out of 10


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