Men Of Valor - Xbox Review

Men Of Valor

Men Of Valor - Xbox Review

Men Of Valor - Xbox Review

They Fought For Freedom…They Fought For Each Other

I was not sure what really to expect from Men Of Valor. Having only played fictional war games such as Halo in the past, what would a game based on a real war be like? Would it seem realistic, or would it trivialise a real war?

You are Dean Shepard (fresh from standard boot camp training at Paris Island , SC ), a rookie with no live war experience, thrown into the middle of the war zone. Your platoon, are soon thrown in at the deep end, in all the true historic locations and battles that happened in the Vietnam war, including the Tet Offensive and Khe Sahn, fighting aggressively against the NVA and Vietcong.

Once involved in the game I was impressed to see that the makers 2015 SIERRA, had taken great care in all aspects of the topic, which makes for very engaging gameplay. They have given this sensitive topic the attention that it deserves.

The attention to detail is extremely impressive, with detailed environments and realistic weaponry for the time. You feel transported to a very historic time, and the games design is clearly aimed at instilling in you the emotions of combat, such as fallen comrades, with an air of success.


  • Warfare is both Jungle and Urban based, using authentic operations from the Vietnam war to build 13 action-packed missions.
  • Fantastically Varied Gameplay on land, sea and air, including helicopter door gun manning, POW rescue and search and destroy operations.
  Men Of Valor - Xbox Review
Men Of Valor - Xbox Review
Men Of Valor - Xbox Review
  • Excellent exclusive Soundtrack from the era, including James Brown and The Mamas and The Papas, which truly enhances the mood.
  • In-game Dolby Digital sound
  • Pick your Tour of Duty – Single Player, or use the increasingly impressive Xbox Live Land System Link – opening a whole new range of challenges.

The game deserves a mature audience (rightly 16+), to appreciate the games account of the Vietnam War.

This is game that deserves a sensible review, since I feel that taking a historic war scenario and making a game could be considered by some, insulting to those who fought. But I feel that Men of Valor takes the topic seriously, with good results.


7 out of 10


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