The Eighties Matchbox B-Line DisaSter - Horse Of The Dog Reviewed

TH Eighties Matchbx B~Line DisaStr
TH Eighties Matchbx B~Line DisaStr - Horse Of The Dog (No Death Records - 30.09.02)
TH Eighties Matchbx B~Line DisaStr formed in Brighton on the south coast of England on New Years Eve 1999.

October 2002 sees the release of their debut album Horse of the Dog produced by Paul Tipler and released through the bands own record label No Death.

There is definitely potential in this young U.K punk band, but it ought to be nurtured. The album will no doubt grab the momentary attention of the new generation of twenty first century "punks" but for those of you who crave an album that makes the hairs on your back stand on end, "Horse of the Dog" may not be the album for you.

TH Eighties Matchbx B~Line DisaStr - Horse Of The Dog (No Death Records - 30.09.02) @

They are a cleverly disguised "wanna be band", a mainstream band pretending to be underground. The band that are fascinated by psychosis and try and feed this enthralment to you through their music, seem just a tad too superficial. There are promising elements on the album, I do think the band may be destined for great things, unfortunately unless they suddenly deliver as I believe they could, their stardom will be like that of too many other young pop punk bands, a handful of posters on some 13 year olds bedroom wall, a momentary taste of peak air time then a frustrating retirement in the rust ridden "next best thing" graveyard.

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