LONGVIEW - Mercury - Reviewed

LONGVIEW - Mercury
Released 21/07/2003 Out on 14th Floor Records

Released 21/07/2003
On 14th Floor Records

The Vines and The Strokes are both said to be very particular as to the company they keep when touring. Therefore, the Jeff Buckley influenced Winchester band have the right to feel honoured and special for being allowed to be in the same place at the same time as the previously mentioned super groups.

Music - LONGVIEW - Mercury  - Review

If this album was anymore tender then you’d have to order with vegetables when you go to buy it. The emotional Ferris wheel turns from the very first track ‘Further’, which glides the listener with tenderness and sincerity. This is done by punchy and melodic instrumentals, coupled with soulful vocals provided by the Kurt Cobhain impersonator Rob Mcvey. ‘Can’t Explain’ a Radiohead meets Bob Dylan number, its nifty lyrics encapsulates the futility of playing the romantic waiting game:

‘Waiting for hours, hours turn to days, days turn to years.
I’m still here.’

Simple yet poignant song titles like ‘When You Sleep’, ‘If You Asked’ and ‘Electricity’ sum the band up and are sure to bring out the soft side in the toughest nut out there. An impressive feature in the album is the use of lush female backing vocals, such as those in ‘If You Ask’ and the highlight track of the album ‘Falling For You’ a poetically melodic ode to love to rival ‘You Do Something To Me’ by Paul Weller. It would be nice to think that this new rock revolution has enough depth to accommodate bands such as Longview.

David Adair

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