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What Is Jucifer?

Ed Livengood and Amber Valentine have concocted a complex and intoxicating mixture. Together, as Jucifer, they send dreamy, melodic beauty into one ear while simultaneously causing permanent hearing loss in the other.

Like many artists nurtured by alternative music mecca Athens, GA, their sound is highly original. But in the inevitable need to call out comparisons, let's run through some insultingly lazy references: It's hard to watch and hear Amber and not think of Kim Gordon, Buzz Osborne, Kim Deal and Pete Townshend…unnervingly rolled into one. And witnessing Ed mercilessly attack his kit conjures up thoughts of Keith Moon.... and Animal from the Muppets.

Their sound? Some lessons we've learned from Royal Trux and the Melvins (with both of whom Jucifer has shared a bill), Sonic Youth, Neil Young, Black Sabbath, Radiohead, Ministry, Portishead, Nirvana, the Breeders, and as Michael Stipe described in Details Magazine, "a very loud and aggressive southern gothic version of P.J. Harvey."

Jucifer's live show rests on a chemistry rarely seen on stage. It is a combination of intense energy, stadium-sized guitar sound, thunderous drums, and vocals torn between angelic harmonies and demonic assault. High volume and maniacal energy are the hallmarks of their performance. Ed's crushing wizardry of the drums and seemingly possessed delivery combined with Amber's sonic attack, whispery vocals and fetching sex appeal are a welcome and refreshing addition to the live music scene. Blindfolded, you'd never believe there are only two culprits behind the assault. Once you've accepted the fact, you'll understand why they have eschewed the idea of expanding their lineup.

Beyond their live show, Jucifer's releases are truly must-haves in any musical adventurist's collection. Their love of music and experimentation has led them to enhance their recordings with violin, cello, horns, organ, piano, record-scratching, feedback, and anything else that feels right... always layered over addictive melodies, thick guitar, and relentless drumming.Calling

All Cars On The Vegas Strip

In 1998 Jucifer released Calling All Cars On The Vegas Strip on the band's Crack Rock label, and released a re-mastered version of the title in 2000 on Capricorn Records (now Velocette Records). On Calling All Cars the band was able to demonstrate their stylistic and musical range, proving themselves to be worthy stewards of heavy metal, punk, avant-garde noise pop, and the gold standard of southern gothic (think Flannery O'Connor, not Elvira), defying all limits of their core of fuzz guitars and explosive rhythms by creating gorgeous melodies on top of haunting, droning grooves. Ever resourceful, the two employed a rich variety of sounds derived from the dusty keys of a piano and the scratched surface of a record, just to name a couple. Musically speaking, it's both a kick in the gut and a peck on the cheek.

The Lambs e.p.

In August of 2001, the band put out the lambs e.p., also on Velocette Records, giving them a crack at showcasing the raw power of their live shows. Though not a live recording, it was finished over the course of a mere week with minimal studio trickery. The Lambs' first four tracks are more "movements" than distinct songs, evidence of their appreciation for classical composition. Though the thought of rock musicians dabbling in classical music should make one cringe, Jucifer pulls the arrangement off with conviction. The EP is solid, and has both intrigued the critics and kept their devoted fans at bay until their next full-length release, I Name You Destroyer.



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