Homelands 2003 - ARENA 5

Homelands 2003
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Cultureclash! Nothing encapsulates the mood of 2003 better that Arena 5, which takes the word 'eclectic' and gives it a whole new meaning. The fusioneers and tastemakers in music right now unite under one canvas to trash conventions and break all music boundaries - rock meets hip-hop, house collides with breaks, jazz gets down with techno. Plus, we've got the guy who created cut & past culture way back when: Grandmaster Flash.
The Message goes something like this:

Right now 2 Many Djs (Soulwax) - brothers Steven and David Dewaele - couldn't be more sought after if they tried, and may even manage to make their native Belgium famous for something other than chips with mayonnaise and chocolate. As far back as 1999 they were subverting pop, dance, rock and indie, creating the bootleg mania that's been the biggest story in music since So Solid Crew all got jailed. You name it, it was their idea: Skee-Lo vs Survivor, The Sugababes vs Dr Dre, Dolly Parton vs Royskopp: if you've lost it to any of those tunes in the last couple of years, you've been paying inadvertent homage to music's newest geniuses. They make their festival debut at Homelands this year. Watch them play and you get eight tunes for the price of two.
Attention: bona-fide legend in the area. Grandmaster Flash invented hip-hop by taking two turntables, a bunch of old funk tunes and one very good idea many years ago. In the game for almost three decades, his sets are as arresting now as they were on New York street corners in 1976.
Every Monday at London's hottest club, Erol Alkan achieves the seemingly impossible by mixing rock records you can dance to with dance records you can air-guitar to. In his Kurtis Rush guise he delivered some of the best bootlegs. Plus, he's the coolest person to wear ever a Batman t-shirt since Batman. That's why he's the newest superstar DJ in the world, Robin.
The Avalanches Dexter is Australia's turntablist hero, a DJ so technically brilliant you'd almost believe you were witnessing an octopus with a good taste in music play. However, Ninja Tunes' DJ Food mastered the two-man, four-deck mixing routine back when everyone was still trying to fine the pitch control on their Technics.
James Lavelle has made been making headlines for ten years. In 1998 he produced UNKLE's 'Psyence Fiction', the very definition of dance music modernity. His unparalleled ear guarantees each set he plays is an unforgettable experience. His Unklesounds project was born as a means of roadtesting ideas and bootlegs every Friday night at his Fabric residency, and with partner Richard File on FX and Lavelle on the decks, Unklesounds bring their journeys into the audiosphere to Arena 5.
Just because you haven't heard from Daft Punk in a while doesn't mean the French Touch has lost feeling in its fingers. The duo's right-hand man Pedro Winter makes his Homelands Debut, consolidating his growing rep as the most bookable party-rocking Parisian. The same goes for Jacques Lu Cont, except he isn't French, but in fact Wall Of Sound's Stuart Price, who also plays bass for Madonna. Together they may well be, Magnifique.
Fabric's Ali B moonlights as on-air evangelist for the break scene with his Capital Radio show as DJ, supremo of Mo' Wax records and recording artist.
2 Many Djs (soulwax)
Grandmaster Flash
Erol Alkan
DJ Food
Pedro Winter
Jacques Lu Cont
Ali B

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