G Unit - Wanna Get To Know You - Single Review

G - Unit
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G - Unit - Wanna Get To Know You - Single Review

G - Unit
Wanna Get To Know You

This is the second single on the album ‘Beg For Mercy’ from the bad boys G-Unit. Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony Yayo make up 50 Cent’s posse who is as serious and street as it gets. ‘Wanna Get To Know You’ however shows the more sensitive and romantic side to these guys. This number is a sweet soul ghetto thang with lyrical poetry that rolls along lovely. It’s totally pimp style. Smooth as chocolate. This track shows quality hip hop mixed with r’n’b. The

G - Unit - Wanna Get To Know You - Single Review

samples of Marvin Gaye and vocals from Joe give it all the weight to make it soulful. Then the MCing from the G-Unit boys is swift and wonderfully delivered, to make this a real contender to all urban acts. I’m pleased that this track is more seductive and soulful than blatant ‘bling.’

Some may find this song too soft but I imagine that they haven’t quitegot into sex yet. This song is a definite to get jiggy with and to slide up tothose honeys. It’s not about hardcore angst but more about love and romance,which I think these boys, have done successfully.

To watch the full length video of G-Unit's 'I Wanna Get To Know You', Click Here


Tareck Ghoneim

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