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Gumball 3000 The Movie
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Real Life Wacky Races

150 supercars, 3000 miles, 14 arrests and $50,000 in fines!

Watch the rich and famous flooring their Ferraris and Lamborghinis! Watch blown out engines and burnt out tyres! Watch out witted cops and high speed chases!

Watch the world’s coolest car race GUMBALL 3000, captured on film for the first time ever and available to own on DVD from 2 February.

“If you’ve seen the film ‘The Cannonball Run’…’s kinda like that!’ Johnny Knoxville from Jackass.

GUMBALL 3000 is a must for everyone who loves cars, women, parties and breaking every rule in the book! Documenting last year’s amazing 3000 mile race across America from San Francisco to Miami, GUMBALL 3000 follows the cast of 300 characters pushing their high-performance cars to the absolute limit including;

Supermodel Jodie Kidd behind the wheel of her Dodge Viper
Jackass’s Ryan Dunn in a…ehm…Hertz Rental Cadillac
Skateboarding god Tony Hawk also opting for a Dodge Viper
MTV’s notorious Cuban Brothers in their Cadillac
Dr Evil and a bevy of beauties driving Lamborghini Murcielagos

Inspired by the 70’s classic film The Cannonball Run, GUMBALL 3000 (the movie) is narrated by the original gumballer Burt Reynolds (legend!).

See for yourself that the wildest tales about this cult race are true;

Speeds of up to 242 MPH – on a standard American highway!
Hi-tech in-car devices helping drivers out-wit the cops
Audacious excuses when they do get pulled over doing double the speed limit!
The non-stop banter of the hilarious Cuban Brothers
The after-drive parties – booze and bunny girls!

Quite simply the coolest car movie of its time – GUMBALL 3000 should come with a health warning, because all you’ll want to do after watching it is get behind the wheel of your own car… and gun it!

Gumball 3000 The Movie
Gumball 3000 The Movie
Gumball 3000 The Movie
Gumball 3000 The Movie
Gumball 3000 The Movie
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