Green Day - American Idiot - Single Review

Green Day

Green Day - American Idiot - Single Review

Greenday - American Idiot
Released 13/09/2004
Reprise records

A four year wait and finally the veteran punk trio return, and what a return they make. Loud, brash, and full of attitude, “American Idiot” is a scathing attack on their homeland, and more specifically it’s obsession with the media.

“Don't want to be an American idiot.
One nation controlled by the media”

Green Day - American Idiot - Single Review

Of course, we aren’t talking about a night sat in watching the latest episode of Friends, and Green Day’s message is not to attack their fellow citizens, but a call out to their nation not to take everything with a pinch of salt, and to question what they hear.

The real sentiment addresses the issue of politicians obsession with propaganda and their use of this to spoon feed fear, lies and bribery through television, and who has not heard enough political broadcasts from Bush or Blair.

Mix their sentiment with infectious, driving, and powerful riffs, and drums to match and it’s clear that Green Day mean business. This ferocious, angry and intelligent punk rock tune oozes aggression and most of all passion about what they believe, proving they have not lost the knack to show us what punk is really about.

Welcome back!

Katherine Tomlinson

Album “American Idiot” is out 20/09/2004

Green Day - American Idiot - 2nd Single Review

American Idiot

What a brilliant track. American Idiot is an hysterical belly laugh in the face of those crazy dudes stateside that buy into the present political stance of their country and its relationship with the media.

But as for the music itself; classic Greenday hammerings on the drum kit, a positively infectious riff and seriously harsh lyrics with more than a touch of shooting from the hip.

American Idiot will go down well all over and is already seeing brilliant air play on radio. B-sides Shoplifter and Governator are also rocking and completely in-keeping with the ‘American Idiot’ album theme. They too completely take the ‘you know what’ out of America and all it stands for.

American Idiot is a great track and it’s brilliantly refreshing to see Greenday back and ready to kick some ass.


Jemma Volp-Fletcher

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