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Gary Numan - Exposure Reviewed

For all those people who haven't heard of Gary Numan, he was a big pop-star and influential character in the elcetronica scene of the late 70's and early 80's.
Gary Created some of the first synth pop hits and also wrote some of the first "dark gothic" tracks of the new wave era.

If you don't want to take my word for it he has been a major influence to many musicians of recent times including Basement Jaxx, Marilyn Manson, Beck, Damon Albarn, Armand Van Helden & The Foo Fighters all these people have covered or sampled at least one of Gary's tracks.

Mr Numan has returnes to the airwaves and also to our CD players this year with a "best of" album named Exposure all his great hits from 1977 up to the present day. Exposure is a double CD, and is released on his own label Jagged Halo.
All the old tracks on Exposure have been digitally re-mastered.

1. Gary has released a staggering 26 albums and they have all entered the top 75.
Gary has never seized to further his interesting sound and continues to use idiosyncratic vocals like on the tracks Are "Friends" Electric? And Films
3. "Are "Friends" Electric" was recently covered by Sugar Babes (Freak like Me) and went straight onto the number one slot just as it did for Gary back in 1979.

RIP is to be the first release from the album Exposure, the title makes quite a blatant statement. Using dark whispers at the beginning of the record, it's something you could imagine Marilyn Manson would revel in.

With many recognisable songs like M.E, which is featured at the beginning of Where's your Head at by Basement Jaxx and Cars that Armand Van Helden used for his song Koochy. This album has a great mixture of new and old and also features a lot of very influential tracks.

Jagged Halo Records 3rd of June

Track listings:

Gary Numan - Exposure Reviewed @
Gary Numan - Exposure Reviewed @

CD 1

1) Films
2) I Die You Die
3) Are "Friends" Electric
4) Pure
5) Dead Heaven
6) Down In The Park
7) Me! I Disconnect From You
8) Metal
9) She's Got Claws
10) Magic
11) We Are Glass
12) Music For Chameleons
13) My Shadow In Vain
14) Everyday I Die


1) My Jesus
2) Cars
3) Domination Day
4) Complex
5) We Are So Fragile
6) Rip
7) M.E
8) We Take Misery (To Bed)
9) Dark
10) Remember I Was A Vapour
11) Listen To My Voice
12) Deadliner
13) Exposure
14) Voix
15) A Prayer For The Unborn (Andy Gray Remix)



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