Funeral for a Friend - `Escape Artists Never Die' - Single Review

Funeral for a Friend
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Funeral for a Friend ‘Escape Artists Never Die’ - Single Review

Funeral for a Friend
Escape Artists Never Die

‘Escape Artists Never Die’ is better on the second listen as first impressions leave a distinctly sickly sweet and mushy sense. It is so damn catchy though – how did they manage to write such a good song? Sense of timing is impeccable on it with hooks sharper than a chef’s knife. However, ‘You Want Romance?’ is better with their inclination towards screamo coming through although the song does sound like Jetplane Landing at times. ’10 Scene Points to the Winner’ shows some of the band’s love of Iron Maiden with metal riffs galore and even some thrash.

Music - Funeral for a Friend ‘Escape Artists Never Die’ - Single Review

With the single comes not one but two videos for ‘Escape Artists…’ and ‘You Want Romance?’ both as intriguing as the other. ‘Escape Artists…’ video is set in an empty sports hall and features and guy and a girl dressed in 40s’ clothes dancing 40s’ dances in front of the band. It’s different and it works. The video for ‘You want Romance?’ is bizarre but still good. It takes up the theme of the cover and follows the tale of a couple that meet in the middle of nowhere. As far as singles go this really good, with plenty on it to keep you occupied.

(Mighty Atom)

Natasha Perry

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