The Fiery Furnaces - Crystal Clear - Single Review

The Fiery Furnaces
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The Fiery Furnaces: Crystal Clear Single Review (Released 01/09/2003 on Rough Trade Records)

Boy and Girl blues rock is the new black at the moment, as American siblings Eleanor and Matt are about to inflict their own brand of home mad blues rock upon the unsuspecting public. The vocal duties on this track lie solely in Eleanor's VV Kills mixed with Tammy Wynnette takes us on a typically dreary journey through mundane, urban American life:

"On the bus bye, bye Moline. Look at the water:
Filthy, dirty, cloudy, muddy, messy, mucky, crystal clear"

This is an old style, sharp two minute number with a nifty piano solo sandwiched between lively and snappy guitars. Mathew takes over the main vocal duty in B-side 'Cousin Chris', which again contains a sharp piano backing, giving The Fiery Furnaces an extra dimension and an advantage over other blues rockers on account of this. Think Billy Bragg meets The Who with a dose of The Kills mixed in for good measure. The single is complemented by the most mournful track of the intriguing trio of songs, as topics such as bad luck and alcohol gets thrown into The Fiery

Music - The Fiery Furnaces: Crystal Clear Single Review
Music - The Fiery Furnaces: Crystal Clear Single Review

Furnaces and really get cooked:

"Thunder stayed put and a billboard truck runs over my foot."

It is real whining blues lyrics that finish things off. This is definitely as single to add to your collection and to play on rainy days.
David Adair

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